32 in Blue

Personal Project

365 days. 365 blues.

That was the challenge I started on April 19, 2020 – the day I turned 32. The ongoing Instagram project started as a way to better understand my mental health, giving it a colour I can see over the span of a year. But @32inblue became a space to write daily micro-essays, just for myself.

Great timing. Global pandemics, paradigm shifts and racial injustices gave me plenty to unpack. A few things I wrote about:

the joys of getting lost / mental loops / good news / interracial relationships in 2020 / the longest day of the year / evenings on the balcony / monsoons and mediated identity / the perfect day / taking breaks / fathers / when your brain turns to mush / powerlessness / August / detours / looking for meaning / being a POC in advertising / remote working / future uncertainty / showing up / homesickness / not quitting